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Pre-profiled rubber covers significantly increase the friction coefficient between the conveyor belt and drum. Self-cleaning elastic covers on tail pulleys, inflexion pulleys and on idlers protect valuable conveyor belt. Corrosion and wear of drums and idlers are reduced to minimum.


We also provide special rubber and liner which is ready for installation. They considerably increase the service life of plant parts subjected to high wears, stress and reduce noise.



Plain surface high quality rubber that is easy to apply and efficiently protects the surfaces of the plant parts which are subjected to high wear or corrosion.



Diamond rubber lagging and lining for pulleys and idlers in conveyors. Their high resistance to wear and corrosion makes it possible to increase the service life of conveyors and to considerably reduce downtime, loss of tonnage and labour costs.


Ceramic is suitable for pulley lagging due to its specific properties of extremely high wear resistance provided by Aluminium oxide (Al2O3). It replaces traditional materials because it provides higher profitability by considerably increasing the service life and the efficiency of pulley lagging.

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